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Bo3 Ozone air inlet filter

SKU: csnuv30-10000-13

Inlet filter for : Bo3 ozone generator Ultrazone ozone ...

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Flexelene Ozone Tubing - 1/4" ID - Ozone Resistant Tubing - per metre

SKU: nefx4-6n

Flexelene ozone tubing - UV stable and ozone resistant - The Right Stuff ! Flexible polyethylene tubing. 1/4" / 6mm internal diameter - designed to push over barb fittings such as mazzei injector nipples, oz...

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Flow Control Water Bypass Spring Check Valve 1.5" socket x 2" spigot - 2 LB spring

SKU: fc1052c20

Water bypass valve - 2 lb spring pressure - particularly suited to 2 speed pumps where it is desired to divert water at high speed but not low speed. Use in the manufacture of an ozone injector bypass assemb...


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Ozone Check Valve - ¼" barbed

SKU: ozonecv

Quality ozone check valve - standard 1/4" / 6mm barbed for tubing Ozone resistant construction. 1/2 PSI valve. ...

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Ozone Detection Kit - One Use

SKU: upssdk

Spa ozone detection kit - 30 second test to determine if your ozone generator is producing sufficient ozone to sanitise your spa. The kit includes a sealed glass tube containing a blue indicator material. I...

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Ozone Pick-Up Tee - 40mm

SKU: s61-115058

Ozone Pick-Up Tee - Ozone flow enhancer RTEEVEN40B 40mm sockets x 3/4" barb. This reducer flow control tee is designed to be installed in high flow circulation pump systems with ozone to optimise water flow ...

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Ozone/Heater Return - Graphite Grey

SKU: cmp23400-107

Straight through ozone return fitting with 3/4" barb connection. Graphite grey This fitting allows maximum flow without back pressure which is important for a Mazzei or Waterway ozone Injector to be able t...

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Ozone/Heater Return - Grey

SKU: cmp23400-109

Straight through ozone return fitting with 3/4" barb connection. This fitting allows maximum flow without back pressure which is important for a Mazzei or Waterway ozone Injector to be able to work efficient...

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Rising Dragon Ozone Flow Divert Manifold

SKU: rd621-0419-000

Rising Dragon flow divert manifold - 2 port. One port has a protruding 'catchment' moulding to increase flow - this port is typically used to feed ozone lines on high flow circulation pump or main jet pump l...

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Ultrazone Master PCB

SKU: csnuv30-10000-10

PCB to suit Ultrazone uv/Ozone system. ...

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Ultrazone UV Ballast

SKU: csnuv30-10000-5

Ultrazone UV Ballast. ​It's recommended this part be replaced if there has been premature lamp failure. AUSLLAST A21B-220/240-TS To suit 21w UV lamp ...

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UV Quartz Tube / Sleeve replacement kit - suits CSN Ultrazone & Trident Clearzone S100 Spa systems

SKU: csnuvquartz-k

Replacement Quartz tube for CSN Ultrazone and Trident Clearzone S100 UV sterilizers. The quartz tube should be replaced if it shows signs of no longer being clear, is marked or damaged. It should always be r...

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UV Replacement Check Valve Kit - suits CSN Ultrazone and Trident Clearzone S100

SKU: csnuv30-10000-7

Replacement check valve kit - suits CSN Ultrazone and Trident Clearzone S100 spa UV sterilizer systems. It's recommended the check valves on UV and ozone systems be replaced annually....

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Waterway 3/8" Barb x 1/4" Barb Reducing Coupling

SKU: ww425-4020

Barbed reducing coupling 3/8" to 1/4". Commonly used with ozone systems utilising 1/4" tubing / fittings to connect to either jet jenturi systems or Waterway Venturi Injectors and others....

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Xylem (ITT Laing Thermotech) E-10 Circulation Pump 3/4" Barbed

SKU: xylem6080u0021

Xylem (formerly ITT Laing Thermotech) E - 10 electronically commutated canned spherical motor centrifugal spa circulation pump PLUG & LEAD TYPE - See here to Identify the type required Used in many spas &...

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