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Balboa G&G Industries FX 3.5" Light Fitting

SKU: b59300

OVERSTOCK - Special Price Balboa Water Group / G&G Industries 3.5" FX spa light fitting 83mm diameter face, 55mm hole required (without gasket) 63mm hole required (with included grommet gasket) 78mm depth....

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Balboa G&G Industries FX 3.5" Light Fitting x 30 - Bulk Pack

SKU: b59300-30

BULK PACK x 30 units Balboa Water Group / G&G Industries 3.5" FX spa light fitting 83mm D, 55mm hole required (without grommet gasket) 63mm hole required (with gasket) 78mm depth. Will accomodate a standard ...

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CMP SQR LED 1" faceted Spot fitting with grey grommet

SKU: cmp25237-299-000-K

CMP SQR LED Spot Fitting - 1" suits single LED lamps Used on Sapphire Spas ​New grey grommet Requires a 18mm diameter hole in the spa shell. 25mm diameter face Accomodates any LED lamp up to 6mm OD Fi...


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O'Ryan Starbar Light Lamp Housing

SKU: orp0300

Slip fit over 25mm & 1" diameter Starbar, Clear, and Bubble Bar - requires 10mm of protruding bar. 54mm overall length, accepts standard bayonet twist wedge style lamp holder Complete with coloured lens kit ...

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PAL 2000SP Hot Tub Spa Multi-colour LED Light Fitting

SKU: pal39-2SP2LA

LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND PAL 2000SP spa and hot tub multi-colour LED light - Timber hot tub & spa light fitting suitable for above ground, and in-ground spas (rear of light fitting is fully waterproof preve...

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Plastic Acrylic Clear Bubble Bar 1" / 25mm Spa Handrail Grab bar - 395mm - Suits LED & Fibre Optic Lighting - Awesome Bubble Lighting Effect

SKU: gl427025

Bubble Bar - Clear Acrylic 1" / 25mm spa handrail grab bar Approx 395mm long with fine champagne style bubbles though the bar to provide awesome lighting by standard lamp, LED or fibre optics, or still looks...

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Rising Dragon Blue Falls Arctic Spas 9" to 5" Light Housing Adaptor Kit

SKU: rdbf631-1014-K

Rising Dragon 9" to 5" Light Housing Adaptor Assembly Replaces 9" light used on Blue Falls Arctic Spas Can be used in any other suited above ground level application as well. (cannot be used below ground lev...

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Rising Dragon LED Light Fitting

SKU: RD631-1050

Rising Dragon Chinese single LED lamp housing / fitting - Used on some imported Chinese made spas. 17mm diameter face, 12mm hole required. 7.5mm ID rear Up to 10mm wall thickness. Suits 2 wire Pinnacle an...


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Sloan LED light fitting

SKU: sloan400372-wf338510

Sloan LED light fitting with o-ring seal and locknut 9.3mm hole required, thread length - 26mm. 5mm ID for LED to slot into. Can be used above / below water level....

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SloanLED LiquaLED Basic Light / Fitting Kit

SKU: sloanbasickit

SloanLED LiquaLED 9 LED basic spa lighting system with 3.5" Waterway Plastics rear access light housing Kit includes: 1 x 9 LED multi-colour cluster lamp 1 x Waterway 3.5" rear access light housing assy 1 x ...

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SP handrail LED lamp holder

SKU: s61-111111

Clear handrail LED lamp fitting/housing Suits 25mm handrail Suits LED lamp with flange diameter of 30.5mm ONLY such as color kinetic 7 LED lamp...

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Sunspa Cabinet Corner Light Housing

SKU: sun917

Sunspa cabinet corner light housing - black 200mm long x 60mm wide at top. Hole required 180mm long x 10-40mm wide...

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Waterway 1" Faceted LED Light Fitting

SKU: ww633-7098

Waterway 1" opaque faceted light fitting - suits Sloan LED system multicolour LED illumination Designed for installation underwater - complete with gasket 25mm / 1" diameter, requires a 15mm hole Pictured wi...

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Waterway 3.5" and 5" Jumbo Light Coloured Lens Pair - Blue and Red

SKU: ww630-0005

Special Price - Over-stock - Until stocks run out. Waterway 3.5" and 5" Jumbo Light fitting coloured clip on lens pair - blue and red. Clips over 3.5" standard lights Clips inside the outer ring on 5" Jumbo...

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Waterway 3.5" Light Fitting - Front Access

SKU: ww630-6005

Waterway Front Access 3.5" Light Fitting. 82mm D, 2 5/8" / 65mm hole required Suits standard 12w incandescent lamps and all LED lamps up to max diameter of 47mm if accessing from the front (or 57mm if access...

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Waterway 3.5" Light Housing Assembly Plastic Lens, Lock Nut

SKU: ww630-5008

Waterway 3.5" Light Housing Assembly Plastic Lens, Lock Nut and Lamp Holder - For use with LED lamps and existing light cables 81mm OD, 65mm diameter hole required...

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Waterway 5" Jumbo Light - diffused Light Fitting Only

SKU: ww630-K008

Waterway 5" Jumbo Light fitting 125mm OD x 95mm / 3 3/4" hole size Large diffused spa light - no lamp or wiring - perfect for LED lamp to be used such as Sloan Ultrabrite which has its own wiring harness...

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Waterway 6" Clear Aquafalls - LED Spa Waterfall

SKU: ww675-4008l

Clear Aquafall waterfall for spas ( Pictured with seperately available 4 LED cable assembly from Sloan LED system glowing blue/green ) - Designed for LED or fibre optic illumination - particularly suited to ...

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Waterway 8" Clear Aquafalls - LED Spa Waterfall

SKU: ww675-4908l

Clear Aquafall waterfall for spas ( Pictured with 6" version, seperately available 4 LED cable assembly from Sloan LED system glowing blue/green ) - Designed for LED or fibre optic illumination - particularl...


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Waterway Cup Holder LED Light Fitting

SKU: ww630-0038

82mm D, 2 5/8" / 65mm hole required, Opaque finish to diffuse light. Flat finish for drink to sit on. Accomodates 2 sizes of LED light string lamps (no LED lighting supplied with this fitting)...

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Waterway Fibre Optic Light Lense - Faceted FiberLite

SKU: ww611-4310

Fibre Optic cable receptacle with a faceted face for light diffusion - accomodates 1-3 strands Used extensively on LA Spas and some others including Maax Spas....

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Waterway LED Pop-Up water feature assembly

SKU: ww675-0797L

Waterway LED pop-up water feature 55mm diameter top, 41mm hole required. 190mm space required below the spa lip 3/4" / 19mm barb water. Accepts 1 x LED light from Sloan LiquaLED lighting system. The water...

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Waterway LED spa cabinet skirt light assembly

SKU: ww630-6401

Waterway LED spa cabinet light fitting with black half circle fascia. Light illuminates vertically downward. 74mm wide x 50mm high, 38mm hole required. 1 x Sloan LiquaLED lamp required for illumination (as ...

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Waterway LED spa Perimeter strip light fitting

SKU: ww672-0041

Waterway LED spa perimeter strip light fitting - suits up to 3 LED lamps (sold separately) Install under spa shell or cabinet kick plate. Designed for light illuminates vertically downward. Bends to conform...

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Waterway Mini 2 1/8" Spa Light Assembly

SKU: ww630-0008

Waterway mini light fitting. 54mm OD 41mm hole required Will accomodate standard 12w lamps and SOME LED lamps up to maximum of 34mm diameter to fit in the housing. Light fitting only - no lamp, cable or ga...

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Waterway Top-Flo Air Injector - Clear - suits LED illumination

SKU: ww670-2408L

Waterway Top-Flo air injector - clear. LED light socket for illumination 38mm diameter, 30mm hole required...

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