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12V, 12W Lamp GE912 x 30 - Bulk Pack

SKU: ww813-4370-30

BULK PACK x 30 units Standard 12W, 12v AC incandescent lamp - push in wedge base suits most generic light fittings / spa control systems....

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Aeware IRMT-4 Universal Infra-red Floating Remote - SPECIAL

SKU: aeware0799-005001c

SPECIAL PRICE You don't even need a spa to make use of AV features of this device! For use with IR sensor on spas fitted with Gecko MSPA-MP spa controllers, Hydroquip 9700 series controllers and Aeware spa...

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G&G Industries Balboa Slotted Air Injector Assembly - Grey x 50 - Bulk Pack

SKU: gg12910-gr-c-50

BULK PACK x 50 units G&G Industries (Balboa) Slotted air injector assembly - Grey 12910-GR slotted injector. plus body assembly Used in Australia by Palm Springs Spas 2 x slots 12mm x 2mm 37.5mm diameter cap...

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Hydroair Adjustable VSR Jet Body - 3/4" Socket x 3/8 " barb air

SKU: hai16-5778

CLEARANCE SPECIAL - OVERSTOCK ITEM Hydroair Adjustable VSR jet body - Old style (for use with 2 tab old style jet barrels such as 16-5781gry. Can be used with new jet barrels as long as the adaptor required...

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Hydroair Micro Adjustable VSR Directional jet face nozzle / handle - grey

SKU: hai10-9100gy

CLEARANCE SPECIAL Directional micro adjustable VSR jet face nozzle / handle - smooth...

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Hydroair Micro Adjustable VSR smooth - Directional

SKU: hai16-9092gy

CLEARANCE SPECIAL Hydroair Micro Adjustable VSR - Directional - 80mm Diameter Hole size required 54mm 3/4" b water x 3/8" b air...

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Hydroair VSR Multiport Jet Barrel - Grey

SKU: hai16-5781GRY

CLEARANCE SPECIAL - OVERSTOCK ITEM Hydroair Adjustable VSR multiport jet barrel - smooth face - grey - older original style jet with 2 small locking tabs 125mm diameter jet face. Can replace the more common...

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Hydroquip / Pentair Maax Spa, Southwest Spa & Sierra Spa HT-2 Oval (to replace crescent) Touchpad

SKU: hq0201-100719880-0521a

SPECIAL PRICE Hydroquip HT-2 10 button split screen touchpad - originally crescent shaped - now offered as Oval shaped - used on Australian Maax Spas, USA made Sierra and Southwest Spas - supplied with sta...

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LED Slave Light 4 pin 3 way connector

SKU: spa-led-3way

LED slave light 4 wire 3 way connector Unknown Chinese brand...

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LED Slave Light 4 pin connection cable - 300mm

SKU: spa-led-ic

LED slave light 4 wire interconnection cable 300mm long Unknown Chinese brand...

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Single LED Slave Light - 4 pin

SKU: spa-led-1

Single LED slave lamp - 4 wire 100mm long Unknown Chinese brand...

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Waterway 1" On/Off Valve x 20 - Bulk Pack

SKU: ww600-4367-20

BULK PACK x 20 units Waterway 1" on/off valve Used for neck/shoulder jet control and waterfalls, as well as other applications - particularly suited to controlling outlets above water level where complete sh...

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Waterway 6" Aqua Fall Assembly - Grey - Spa Waterfall

SKU: ww675-4007

Add a water feature to your spa - 6" sheet of water Waterway 6" Aqua Fall Assembly - Grey - spa waterfall low profile, 3/4"/20mm socket intake 3-12 GPM flowrate 6"/150mm wide waterfall slot overall length - ...

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Waterway Hi Flo Suction Fitting with 1.5" 90 Ell Vacuum Break 348 lpm

SKU: ww640-3487v

Waterway Hi Flo suction fitting with 1.5" 90 ell and integral vacuum break. The vacuum break MUST be correctly installed and active to achieve the specified 348 lpm flow rating. Flow rate WITHOUT the vac bre...

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Waterway Mini Storm Jet Body 3/4"SB x 3/8"B - Bulk Buy - BOX OF 20 JET BODIES

SKU: ww212-0330-20

SPECIAL Bulk Buy - BOX of 20 Jet Bodies Waterway Mini Storm jet body smooth barbs for water and air Fits 55mm hole Discounted due to overstock - while stocks last...

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Waterway River Swim Jet - Stainless Steel with Grey

SKU: ww210-5107s

OVERSTOCK SPECIAL - LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND The ultimate swim jet! Waterway River Swim Jet. 8" / 200mm wide vertically adjustable eyeball nozzle. Can use up to 350 gpm / 1200 lpm water flow at 6 psi. 2....

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