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Spa ozone venturi injectors - Mazzei, Waterway Plastics, CMP, Bowles Fluidics, Prozone

CMP Venturi Injector 3/4" Barbed

SKU: cmp23006-010-000

PVC ozone Venturi injector - draws ozone into the passing water 3/4" barbs x 1/4" ozone barb Suited to spa low/high speed pump, or circulation pump systems ...

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Waterway Venturi Ozone Injector - 3/4"RB x 3/8"RB

SKU: ww670-3010

Ozone Venturi injector which works in the same manner as a Mazzei injector 3/4" ribbed barbs x 3/8" / 9mm injector barb (most others are a 1/4" / 6mm injector barb - we have 1/4" - 3/8" reducer barb coupling...


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