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Filtermaster spa pump parts - including impellers, seals, o-rings, body, seal plate 
These Filtermaster pumps were common on Hot Spring Spa smanufactured in New Zealand in the 1990's

Filtermaster Diffuser - 1.5hp

SKU: pqfmp8114

Has the external appearance of an oversized impeller...

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Filtermaster Pump Body

SKU: pqfmp8116

Filtermaster pump body Black - new current design/style Purchase PQFMunion pump unions separately Does not suit PQFMP8127 bolt on face flange or PQFMP1127 threaded tail - these parts suit older grey body onl...

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Filtermaster Pump Body Bolt On Face Flange - Old Style

SKU: pqfmp8127

Filtermaster pump body bolt-on face flange Suits older grey pump body only 60mm ID socket (50mm pipe size) 114mm diameter flange PQFMP8127 male tail fits this part. Used on Hot Springs Spas...

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Filtermaster Pump Body O-Ring

SKU: pqfmp8106

Filtermaster pump body o-ring...

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Filtermaster Seal Plate

SKU: pqfmp8105

Used on Hot Springs Spas...

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