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ALL spas require chemicals to treat the water. Correctly maintaining water chemistry is essential to equipment longevity AND user health

We stock a range of Bioguard and Bond spa specific chemicals to ensure you have everything required to look after your expensive investment as well as protect you and your family against bacteria and other undesireable health issues that can manifest in poorly maintained spas

Bioguard spa chemicals
Bioguard Spa - Spa and hot tub chemicals


Bond Liquid Lithium or Bioguard Spa Armour - Sanitiser - destroy bacteria
Bioguard Spa Purity - Oxidiser - burns out organic materials
Bioguard Spa Aquality, Comfort Up & Performance Up - Balancing chemicals - correct and stabilise pH

Additional chemicals
Bioguard Spa Shield - Calcium Harness Increaser - for soft water / tank water
Bioguard Spa Crystal Clear Clarifier - for filtering out very fine particles in the water causing cloudiness
Bioguard Spa Renew - Filter Degreaser - clean filter cartridges effectively
Bioguard Spa Squeaky Clean - Surface cleaner - spa shell scum line cleaner
Bioguard Swirl Away - Pipework flush for spas and spa baths

Recommended ranges
Liquid Lithium Chlorine 1-3ppm
Armour Dichlor/Bromine 3-5ppm
pH  7.4-7.6
Total Alkalinity  80-120ppm
Calcium Hardness  150-400ppm

Reading outside of these ranges
When lower - generally results in corrosion, staining, foam, uncontrollable pH
When higher - generally results in scaling, cloudy water, hard to correct pH

Clarifier - only use with pleated filter cartridges
If you spa is fitted with fine micron bags or depth polyspun filters, they will be prematurely ruined when used with clarifier. A low micron filter is effectively the clarifier.

Bromine - there are 2 types of bromine. Tablet and granular
Tablet bromine has been available for many years and commonly used - they are often 'set and forget' resulting in less than required testing and correcting. Huge failure rates of spa equipment are experienced when tablet bromine is used. Particularly heaters.
We do NOT endorse the use of bromine tablets.
On the other hand in Australia, granular bromine is relatively new. Its manufactured very differently and is in fact majority Dichlor with a small percentage of bromine. Because its granular, it needs to be added more frequently in small dose rates, typically in conjunction with water testing. When used as instructed, minimal changes to pH and alkalinity occur and therefore less corrosive damage to spa equipment.

Introduction of chemicals into the spa
ALL chemicals should be broadcast into the body of water of the spa with filtration equipment running. There is no need to dissolve in a bucket of water first.
NEVER introduce spa or pool chemicals in proximity or directly into the skimmer - high concentration of these chemicals will damage heaters, seals and other parts. If you insist on using bromine tablets do NOT position them in the skimmer basket or a free floating dispenser. Always tie a floating dispenser so it cannot rest against the skimmer when filtration is running.

Ensure you have a quality test kit. You should test spa water at least 1-2 times per week. Make your chemical adjustments and test again to confirm each test is now within the correct range. If not, repeat the procedure until it is. Do NOT rely on monthly shop tests. Untold irreversible damage can be done in this timeframe. Shop tests should be regarded as a back up only to your own regular testing.

Bioguard Spa Aquility - pH reducer 750g

SKU: bio20021810

Bioguard Spa Aquility - spa pH and total alkalinity reducer 750g bottle Aquility is a granular product designed to reduce the pH of spa water when it's too high. It also reduces total alkalinity levels at ...

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Bioguard Spa Armour Sanitiser 800g

SKU: bio20021805

Bioguard Spa Armour - granular spa sanitising product 800g bottle Armour is a fast dissolving granular product comprising 53% sodium dichlor (chlorine) and 15% sodium bromine Also known as Granular Bromine...

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Bioguard Spa Comfort Up - pH increaser 500g

SKU: bio20021812

Bioguard Spa Comfort Up - spa pH increaser 500g bottle Comfort Up is a powder product designed to increase the pH of spa water when it's too low. Should be broadcast directly into the body of water in the...

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Bioguard Spa Crystal Clear - Clarifier 500ml

SKU: bio20021818

Bioguard Spa Crystal Clear - spa water clarifier 500ml bottle Crystal Clear is a liquid product designed to clarify cloudy water. Makes small non-filterable particles big enough to be removed by the filter...

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Bioguard Spa Performance Up - Total Alkalinity increaser 500g

SKU: bio20021811

Bioguard Spa Performance Up - spa total alkalinity increaser 500g bottle Performance Up is a powder product designed to increase the total alkalinity of spa water when it's too low. Should be broadcast di...

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Bioguard Spa Purity - Oxidiser 12 x 50g bags

SKU: bio20021806

Bioguard Spa Purity - spa oxidising product 12 x 50g bags Purity is a blend of oxidising and clarifying agents designed to eliminate chloramines and odours, burning out organic waste. its totally soluble ...

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Bioguard Spa Renew - Filter Cartridge Cleaner 946ml

SKU: bio20023240

Bioguard Spa Renew - spa filter cleaner 946ml bottle Renew is a liquid product designed to clean filter cartridges removing oil and grease improving filter efficiency and extending lifespan. Also removes s...

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Bioguard Spa Shield - Calcium Hardness increaser 450g

SKU: bio20021813

Bioguard Spa Shield - spa calcium hardness increaser 450g bottle Shield is a granular product designed to increase the calcium hardness of spa water when it's too low. Should be broadcast directly into th...

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Bioguard Spa Squeaky Clean - Spa Surface Cleaner 500ml

SKU: bio20023056

Bioguard Spa Squeaky Clean - spa surface cleaner 500ml bottle Squeaky Clean is a liquid product designed to clean acrylic and tile spa surfaces removing scale, calcium, stains, oil, grease and dirt along t...

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Bioguard Spa Swirl Away - Spa & Spa Bath Pipe Cleaner 500ml

SKU: bio20020151

Bioguard Spa and spa bath Swirl Away - pipe / plumbing cleaner 500ml bottle Swirl Away is a liquid product designed to clean pipework on spas and spa baths removing waste, scale build up, oil, grease and o...

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Waterway Plastics ClearWater VS Iin-line Automatic Bromine or Chlorine Tablet Feeder

SKU: wwCLC012-W

Waterway Plastics ClearWater VS in-line automatic chlorinator creates tablet saturation when using variable speed pumps at all speeds. Use with chlorine or Bromine tablets Perfect for chlorine tablets in ...

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