Australian Spa Parts - Waterway Plastics Master Massage spa jets

Waterway Plastics Master Massage Jets - the design and jet insert securing method has changed a number of times. Check images and descriptions.

Waterway Master Massage Adjustable Jet - Clear with Stainless Steel Escutcheon

SKU: ww235-7157s

Waterway Master Massage GLO Adjustable Jet Assembly - clear with grey & stainless steel escutcheon. Capable of illumination with additional LED clip on fittings and LED lighting. Unscrew to remove jet inse...

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Waterway Master Massage grey

SKU: ww210-7407

Standard Master Massage grey - older style which threads into the body 2" Water x 1/2" Air 195mm diameter, 145mm hole required...


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Waterway Master Massage Jet - Square Notched - BLACK

SKU: ww210-7101

Waterway Master massage jet complete - older design with square notched outer perimeter. Jet insert threads into the body - other colours unavailable 195mm diameter, 145mm diameter hole required....


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Waterway Power Storm / Whirlpool / Adjustable Master Massage Jet Retainer Lock Ring - Snap-In style

SKU: ww218-7130

Replacement part - Installed in the jet body by 2 screws - the jet internal barrel locks into place on this retainer ring to prevent it falling out of the jet body - Suits Waterway Power Storm, Whirlpool, an...

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