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Corona Discharge CD ozone systems for spas


Aqua Sun Ozone XL-80 Spa CD ozone generator

SKU: xl-80

Pacifica series XL-80 Corona Discharge Ozone Generator unit with built in venturi injector - easy installation. Please select plug type required Supplied with tubing and check valve built in. Air inlet tub...

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Balboa CD Ozone Generator

SKU: b59260

Balboa corona discharge 50mg/hr ozone generator AMP plug - suits the following spa packs: Balboa GS, GL and BP series Gecko Aeware in.y series Ethink KL8800 series Spatech CII & CIII series Does NOT su...


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CSN UltraZone UV-C & Ozone Spa Sanitising System

SKU: csnuv30-10000

ULTIMATE SPA WATER TREATMENT Best coupled with Xylem E-10 circulation pump listed here set to run 24/7 for ultimate performance. CSN UltraZone Combination UV-C and Corona Discharge Ozone Spa Sanitising ...

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Del Ozone CMP Bo3 Spa CD ozone generator - Adjustable 50-100mg/hr

SKU: Bo3

Bo3 Corona Discharge Ozone Generator unit from Del Ozone (division of CMP and formerly Aqua Sun Ozone) PLUG & LEAD TYPE - See here to Identify the type required Please select plug type required - standard ...

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Joyonway 50mg/hr Spa CD ozone generator P78B138

SKU: jwP78B138

Joyonway CD spa ozone generator. P78B138 50mg/hr output. 100-240v, 50-60Hz, 100mA Fitted with AMP cable/plug to suit : Joyonway P69B133 & P68B123 packs, LXKA series, Gecko Aeware in.y series, Balboa GS,...

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Ozone Detection Kit - One Use

SKU: upssdk

Spa ozone detection kit - 30 second test to determine if your ozone generator is producing sufficient ozone to sanitise your spa. The kit includes a sealed glass tube containing a blue indicator material. I...

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Zink (Ethink) KL8 series 12v AC Ozone Generator


Zink KL8 series Ozone Generator B-A01 12v AC power supply, 600mA consumption Used with Ethink KL8800, KL8-3A, and older KL8-2 and KL8-3 spa control systems * 12v AC only. ...

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