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Aquaflo XP2 Spa Pump 2hp 1 speed

SKU: af07030000-6340

Aquaflo XP2 2hp single speed pump 8.3A, 240v, 50Hz ...

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Dimension One Spa Aquaflo XP2 2hp, 2spd pump

SKU: d101562-29a

Aquaflo XP2 2hp (3.6bhp) 2 spd pump - Emersom motor 230v, 50Hz. Used on Dimension One spas, LA Spas and others...


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Dimension One Spa Sta-rite Durajet 2hp, 2spd pump

SKU: d101562-45de

Sta-rite Durajet 2hp (3.6bhp) 2 spd pump 230v, 50Hz. 01562-45de / 01562-39de Used on Dimension One spas and others...

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Dimension One Spa Sta-rite Durajet Drain Plug Combo

SKU: d101512-322

Sta-rite Durajet drain plug combo - 2 differen tthread types - only one will suit your pump but sold as a mismatched pair only...

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Xylem (ITT Laing Thermotech) E-10 Circulation Pump 3/4" Barbed

SKU: xylem6080u0021

Xylem (formerly ITT Laing Thermotech) E - 10 electronically commutated canned spherical motor centrifugal spa circulation pump Used in many spas & hot tubs since the mid 1990's, such as Sundance Spas, Swee...

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