Australian Spa Parts - Pentair Luxury Cyclone spa & hot tub jets

Pentair Luxury Cyclone spa jets. 
Standard face approx 90mm diameter
Large face approx 110mm diameter 

Pentair Luxury Cyclone Adjustable Roto Swirl Jet Barrel - Large Face

SKU: p9847ww

108mm dimaeter large face version - Pentair luxury cyclone - roto - LF...

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Pentair Luxury Cyclone Directional Jet Barrel - Large Face

SKU: P9845ww

108mm diameter face Pentair luxury cyclone directional LF...

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Pentair Luxury Cyclone Jet Back Diffuser - Wine Glass

SKU: p987100

Pentair Luxury Cyclone jet barrel diffuser - this is the white wine glass shaped plastic rear on the jet that often perishes with chemical abuse / mis-use - usually through the use of BROMINE - Do NOT use Br...

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Pentair Luxury Cyclone Jet Barrel - Directional

SKU: p9844ww

90mm diameter face...


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Pentair Luxury Cyclone Pulse Jet Barrel - Large Face - with Stainless Steel Escutcheon

SKU: p900820ww

Pentair Large Face Pulse jet barrel with stainless steel escutcheon 110mm diameter One only - do not 'backorder' if nil stock displays...


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