Australian Spa Parts - Ethink spa controller box KL8-3, KL8-3A, KL8800

Ethink spa controllers

Ethink KL8 series Temperature Sensor


Ethink KL8 series electronic temperature sensor Used with Ethink KL8-2 and KL8-3 spa control systems *For use as a spare part on imported spas with Australian Electrical Approval Certification only....

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Zink (Ethink) KL8-3A Control Box


Zink KL8-3A Control Box - spare part. Used with Zink / Ethink KL8-3A touchpad and ETH220 / 380 heaters only Controls 1 to 3 x jet pumps, blower, circulation pump, lights, ozone and radio Lighting - suits 2 w...

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Zink (Ethink) KL8-3A Stereo RCA Input Adaptor Cord


Ethink KL8-3A Stereo RCA input adaptor cord/left and right jacks - spare part. Used with Ethink KL8-3A control systems only Required to connect an external stereo/CD player to the spa speakers via the KL8-3A...

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Zink (Ethink) KL8-3A Touchpad


Zink / Ethink KL8-3A Touchpad - spare part. Used with Zink / Ethink KL8-3A control box only 210mm x 104mm. Hole size required - 195mm x 85mm ...

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