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Other Spa Jets not shown under other categories for spas and spa bath applications-

BEWARE - some jets have almost identical appearance to others but cannot be retrofit. A large number of spa jets are copied from a quality original, and are easily confused.

ENSURE YOU ORDER THE CORRECT PART - if in any doubt, contact us before your order.

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Hot Spring Spas Moto-Massage Snake Assembly - Grey

SKU: hs7354270307

Hot Spring Spas Moto Massage snake assembly and hose - grey...


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Hot Springs Spa Jet - Twin Hole Rotary Pulsator Jet Internal - Threaded

SKU: hs71619

Hot Springs Spa rotating pulsator spa jet insert - threaded - replaces the push in older version listed above. To replace - pull out older jet internal, unscrew older threaded jet retainer, thread in this ne...

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Return fitting with grate - Charcoal grey

SKU: 21001-107-000

Water return fitting with grate 87mm diameter face. Suits 59mm hole Suits up to 35mm wall thickness 1.5" / 40mm socket Must not be used as a suction fitting. Water return to spa/pool only ...

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