Australian Spa Parts - onga Balboa spa bath touchpad control panels

Onga touchpad topside panels

ALL Spa Pool Director, Turbo, Executive, Spa Engine and other touchpads are obsolete

Spa Bath Bathtronic and Bathmaster (v1) are obsolete. Bathmaster V2 is also obsolete. DR series available only

Bathtronic touchpads have buttons 45mm apart - Pump codes are 23x3, 2403
Power light offset to left, 4 pin connector

Bathmaster (v1) touchpads have buttons 17mm apart - Pump codes are 23x2, 2402
Power light on left side, 6 pin connector

Bathmaster V2 touchpads have buttons 36mm apart (18mm apart for Plus model - Pump codes are 23x4, 2404
Power light in centre, 8 pin connector (6 used)

If you have one of these fitted to your bath, the touchpad and pump will require replacement.

Balboa onga Bathmaster pump data cable

SKU: o511951

Balboa onga Bathmaster V2 pump data cable Used with Bathmaster V2 and Bathmaster PLUS systems only. Does not suit Bathtronic 23*3, or Bathmaster (V1) 23*2 systems (however please note that some very early ve...

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Onga Balboa DR spa bath pump Touch Button Assembly

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Onga (Balboa) DR spa bath pump Touch Button and cable - suits onga DR series pumps ONLY - 2377, 2387, 2397, 2407 models....

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