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AS1926.3 Compliant Spa Skimmer Vent Kit - Mandatory Safety Device

SKU: Skim-vent-k

AS1926.3 Compliant Spa Skimmer Ventilation Kit - it's a mandatory requirement that skimmers on pools and spas are to be ventilated. This device/assembly provides that safety. 304 Stainless steel/graphite ve...

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LA Spas 3" Filter Basket to suit bag

SKU: lafd-51320

LA Spas 3" threaded filter basket to suit cloth bags Used on LA Spas only 3" thread is 82mm diameter (don't mistake for earlier version with 1.5" thread - no longer available)...

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LA Spas 3" Filter Cartridge Mount Assembly

SKU: lafd-51310

LA Spas 3" filter cartridge mount assembly. Larger 3" NPT thread to suit original filter basket/bag setup or our replacement mLA45-85 pleated cartridges. * 3" thread measures approx 85mm OD Used on LA Spas o...


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Signature Spas Weir Skimmer Filter Lid

SKU: s61-466007

Signature Spas Weir Filter clip on lid - Black Used on Spa Industries Spas - Signature Spas These lids are labelled 'Signature Spas' 527mm wide x 348mm Held in place with 3 x locator / support nubbies ...

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Spa Industries Bullfrog Spas / Signature Spas Platinum Nature 2 Cartridge End Cap

SKU: s61-186012

Bullfrog Spas / Signature Spas Platinum Nature 2 Cartridge End Cap RCAPNATU2B Suits the following filter cartridges used on the circulation pump for the spa: mSG50-N2 or, mSG50B-N2 Cap hold a Zodiac Nature 2...

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Waterco Opal / Paramount Opal Filter Lid Handle Pair

SKU: wcaxfi168-2

Waterco Opal and Paramount Opal filter lid handle pair Thread into the filter lid. Fits both styles of Opal Filter lid...

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Waterco Opal Filter Lid O-Ring

SKU: wc620271

Opal filter lid o-ring - new Waterco Opal only O-ring 279.5 x 8.4mm This is a different o-ring to that used on a Paramount Opal filter lid wxaxf10081 which uses a wc62027 o-ring...

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