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Jacuzzi Hot Tub water diverter knob J-400 Series 2006

SKU: j20090-001

Water diverter valve on J-400 series 2006 model Jacuzzi hot tubs - has a ridge around the sides on the top. 87mm L x 40mm W...


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Jacuzzi Hot Tub water diverter valve cap 2002+ J-300 & J-400 Series

SKU: j6540-729

Water diverter valve cap for J-300 & J-400 series Jacuzzi's from 2002 onwards, regardless of handle type...

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Jacuzzi Hot Tub water diverter valve knob 2002 - 2006 J-300 Series

SKU: j6540-728

Water diverter valve knob for J-300 series Jacuzzi's from 2002 - 2006 89mm L x 40mm W...

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Jacuzzi Hot Tub water diverter valve knob 2007+ J-300 / J-400 Series

SKU: j2540-533

Diverter valve handle for 2007+ J-300 series and J-400 series Jacuzzi Hot Tubs 117mm L x 31mm W...


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Jacuzzi Hot Tub Water Rainbow Cover - pre 2002

SKU: j2540-220

Jacuzzi Hot Tub pre 2002 water rainbow waterfall cover - Plastic / PVC - replaces stainless steel / chrome covers - Colour - Silver 226mm x 114mm...

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Jacuzzi Hot Tub Water Rainbow Cover - Stainless Steel - 02+ J-300, 07+ J-200 series

SKU: j6000-530

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Stainless Steel water rainbow waterfall cover - Stainless steel cover only - has 4 fold over tabs to hold in place Used since 2002 on J-300 series spas and since 2007 on J-200 series (some ...

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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Air Control 2006+

SKU: j6540-37720101-001

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs 2006+ air control assembly with knob and air manifold fitting The main body of this air control assembly (p/n. 6540-377) is also used on Sundance Spas air venturi controls 2001-current along...

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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs IX Jet Valve 2006+

SKU: j20241-00120150-001

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs 2006+ IX jet valve - 1.5" sockets - 2 port - body and handle/knob...

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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Waterfall Valve 2006+

SKU: j20172-00120150-001

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs 2006+ waterfall valve - 1.5" sockets - 3 port - body and handle/knob...


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Jacuzzi J-300 Series Air Venturi Push Button Control 2002 - 2006

SKU: j6540-914

Jacuzzi hot tub air venturi control - push button cam lock style. Looks like an air button to activate a pump, etc but is in fact an air venturi control for airflow to spa jets. 61mm diameter, threaded cap...


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Sundance Spas Aqua Terrace Waterfall Body 2005+ / Jacuzzi J400 and 2 Gaskets

SKU: sd6541-063-kit

Sundance Spas 2005+ and Jacuzzi Hot Tubs J400 series AquaTerrace Waterfall Body Assembly Kit. Comprises: Aquaterrace waterfall body 2 x gaskets self aligning rings threaded nuts 3/4" barb adaptors 282mm wide...


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