Australian Spa Parts - low flow circulation pump replacement spa control systems

Ethink KL8800 series spa control systems listed here are all suitable for replacing existing electronic control systems on spas fitted with a low flow circulation pump and up to three jet pumps.
Circulation Pump = Xylem E-10, Laing Thermotech SM959, Waterway Tiny Might
Pump One = single speed
​Pump Two = single speed 
Pump Three = single speed
Plus air blower, ozone, light, etc

In these systems, the heater is plumbed in line with the low flow circulation pump. Filtration, heating and ozone are all controlled through the operation of the circulation pump. 

If your spa is fitted with a low flow circulation pump for ozone delivery only, you may be able to convert for heating and filtration also, or may need to run independantly as per the current system with a set up for single or 2 speed jet pumps.

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