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Del EC Series Ozonator PCB - Suits EC-1, EC-2, EC-4

SKU: del5-1328-01R

Replacement Del Ozone EC series power on indicator / noise suppression pcb - 0ne used in EC-1 and EC-2, two used in EC-4 Mounted at bottom of Del EC ozone generators...

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Del EC-S Spa Eclipse Platinum Ozone Cell Dexter Orifice

SKU: del9-0564

Del 9-0564 ozone cell, dexter orifice - 20mg/hr, 490ppm. Overall Length - 76mm...

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Del MCD / EC CD Ozone generator Transformer 240v - 120v

SKU: delcd110vtx

Del 240 - 120v reducing transformer - supplies ozone module power supply which are 120v input - for use on 240v systems....

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Del Ozone EC-10 APG Cell retrofit kit - workshop only

SKU: delec-1apg

Del EC-10 APG cell replacement retrofit kit upgrade. WORKSHOP ONLY REPAIR Includes : removal of old superceded components new twin APG cells, manifold, internal tubing power supply filter 2 x clear lens fitt...


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