Australian Spa Parts - Rainbow RTL, RDC, DSF replacement spa filter parts - top load and skim

Rainbow RTL, RDC and DSF spa filter parts

Rainbow DSF Filter Basket

SKU: r172467


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Rainbow DSF filter Diverter plate assy

SKU: r172466

Rainbow Dynamics DSF series skim filter diverter plate Discontinued - No longer available - this component is not critical to operation of the filter so can be left out. ...

Rainbow DSF Filter Faceplate Kit

SKU: r172555dg

Rainbow DSF filter safety faceplate kit - includes escutcheon surround, wall fitting, screws and weir door flap...

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Rainbow DSF Filter Top Cover / Lid

SKU: r172468

Rainbow filter top lid - 190mm diameter...

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Rainbow DSF series Cartridge Puller

SKU: r172608

Rainbow DSF filter cartridge puller - shorter length for DSF 35, and longer length for DSF 50 filter cartridges. These cartridge pullers are fitted with a hook that fits into a hole on the lower cartridge i...

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Rainbow DSF Vacuum Skimmer Plate & 90 degree snorkel

SKU: r172479

172mm diameter plate. with snorkel fitting...

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Rainbow Filter Air bleed valve / o-ring

SKU: r172224x172221

Filter air bleed valve & o-ring to suit Rainbow filters including Rainbow RTL top load lid and Rainbow RDC tank / housing 9.5mm diameter thread, 20mm diameter cap....

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Rainbow Filter Lid - RTL - Top Load

SKU: r172385

Rainbow Dynamics RTL top load spa filter lid May be white, grey, black. 166mm OD, 158mm D - o ring seal area. o-ring recessed. Offset handle. Centre is sometimes fitted with automatic brominator which extend...

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Rainbow Filter Lid Lockring 172214 - Suits RTL, RCF & RDC style Rainbow filters - New version

SKU: r172214

Rainbow filter lockring 24 ribs on outside, marked - '172214', 'LOCK RING'. 'ON', 'OFF' Buttress thread New version: 188mm OD, 170mm thread ID not notches. This decrease in thread diameter 'may' make th...

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Waterway / Pentair Rainbow 1.5" Filter By-Pass Valve

SKU: ww600-1000r172226

1.5" Filter By-Pass valve - provides pressure relief if filter cartridge is dirty or blocked - glued into place - easily tapped out for replacement. Suits Waterway Top Load, In-Line, Bayonet Skim, Top Mount ...


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Waterway 2" Filter By-Pass Valve

SKU: ww600-1040

2" By-Pass valve - provides pressure relief if filter cartridge is dirty or blocked - twist locked into place Suits Waterway 2" plumbed Top Load Filters...

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