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Waterway Plastics storm series Whirlpool spa jets

CMP 500 Series Jet Wrench

SKU: cmp23452-999-999

CMP 500 series jet tool - also suits the following jet bodies - Waterway Power Storm and whirlpool, Pentair Cyclone, Hurricane, Rising Dragon 5" Quantum...

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Waterway Adjustable Whirlpool Internal - Grey w/Stainless Steel

SKU: ww212-2067s

Used extensively on current LA Spas as a Volcano style jet - twist to turn on/off...

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Waterway Adjustable Whirlpool Jet Body

SKU: ww212-2000

1.5"Socket - water x 1/2"Socket - air...

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Waterway Non-Adjustable Whirlpool Internal - 5 point textured - Grey

SKU: ww212-2027

Used as spa whirlpool or vertical volcano style jets - high flow...

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Waterway Power Storm / Whirlpool / Adjustable Master Massage Jet Retainer Lock Ring - Snap-In style

SKU: ww218-7130

Replacement part - Installed in the jet body by 2 screws - the jet internal barrel locks into place on this retainer ring to prevent it falling out of the jet body - Suits Waterway Power Storm, Whirlpool, an...

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