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Spa Cover Lifters - Spa cover removal systems and re-fitting aids

Enable one person handling of spa covers even on the biggest spas, with ease

Spa Cover Lifters - Aid in the removal and refitting of spa covers without risk of abrasion damage on the ground. Especially suited to spa users on their own - easy one person operation. There is a variety available to suit your application, including in-deck spas where there is no room down the side of the spa cabinet.
Some models suit almost all spa shapes, others are not suitable, such as installation on spas with large radius corners or hexagonal, or round in shape.

We encourage proper handling of your cover and lifter to prolong the life of both accessories.
Many cover lifter suppliers and instruction manuals will state operation of the lifter with one person at the side of the spa - whilst this is satisfactory for some situations, we believe it best to operate the lifting system from within the spa at the centre of the cover to spread the load and stress evenly. Warranty on our lifters does not cover damage as a result of incorrect lifting procedures.

The correct method of use for all cover lift systems -

Fold the cover on itself, climb into the spa - from the centre of the cover, push back and up to lift the cover evenly until its final position is reached. Replacing the cover should be a reversal of this procedure. Any other single person operation may result in cover lift system failure or damage.

Cover Lifter Accessories Holder - Pair

SKU: crd-acc

Universal Cover Lifter Accessory Mount - Pair These economical nifty little holder brackets have 2 x knobs for holding towels, bath robes, etc and attach to any spa cover lifter framing tube with included ve...

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Cover Rock It - Spa cover removal system

SKU: crs200

Cover Rock It - Spa Cover Lifter Requires enough room behind the spa to accomodate the spa cover being angled over - typically 0.6m Brackets slip under the spa - no cabinet mounting. Cover Rock It can ...


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Spa Cover Lifter - Eco

SKU: CCL-001

Cover Lift Eco - suited to square and rectangular spas. Suits spas up to 2400mm square, requires no rear clearance. ...

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Spa Easy Access Handrail - Eco

SKU: chr001

Spa Side Access Handrail Screw mounts to framework through the spa cabinet with 2 brackets Bottom of the handrail rests on the ground. To raise it above ground level, an independantly source bracket could ...


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