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Artesian Spas pop up speaker - Poly Planar

SKU: artesian33-0280-56

Artesian Spas pop up speaker - Poly Planar No IR sensor version - original may have IR remote sensor for stereo remote control 50w max...

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Artesian Spas Speaker - 5" Poly Planar MA4050 40w - Black

SKU: artesian33-0292-54

Artesian Spas speaker - Poly planar MA4050 40w, 4 ohm 5" black speaker 148mm diameter ONE ONLY - Do not 'Backorder' if nil stock displays...

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Artesian Spas Speaker - Teardrop

SKU: artesianOP33-0069-55

Artesian teardrop shaped speaker PQN SPA25-8GYLD 2.5" 30w, 8 ohms 122mm long x 85mm high...

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Poly Planar Pop Up Oval Stereo Speaker Assembly

SKU: ppma7020g

Poly Planar speaker MA7020G Pop up oval speaker with wiring harness 50w max *Note: this model speaker does NOT have the infra-red sensor built in - see Sundance Spas SD6560-501 for the speaker version with ...

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Poly Planar SFS101 Spa Flip Up Stereo Speaker Assembly

SKU: ppsfs101b

Poly Planar Spa Flip Up speaker SFS101B For universal installation on portable spa cabinets without the need to cut a hole in the spa shell. Flip Up to enjoy music whilst using the spa...... Flip down to en...

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Poly Planar SP201 Pop Up Stereo Speaker Assembly - Rotary - Round

SKU: ppsp201rg

Poly Planar speaker SP201RG Rotating Pop up speaker - round - grey 50w dual drivers *Note: this model speaker does NOT have the infra-red sensor built in (images show red sensor - our stock does not have th...

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PQN Audio 2.25" Waterproof spa speaker - graphite grey

SKU: csnspa24-4gf

PQN Audio 2.25" waterproof speaker Spa24-4GF Max Power - 30w Resistance - 4 ohm Dimensions - Hole size required - 66mm overall top diameter - 80mm Suits up to 23mm shell thickness...

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PQN Audio 2.5" Waterproof spa speaker - graphite grey - Teardrop

SKU: csnspa25-4gfld

PQN Audio 2.5" waterproof speaker Spa25-4GFLD Max Power - 30w Resistance - 4 ohm Dimensions 122mm x 86mm Hole size required - 66mm diameter...

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PQN Audio Spa-TFX 50w Tactile Transducer Speaker - waterproof 50w

SKU: spatfx

50w PQN Audio Spa-TFX waterproof audio tactile transducer Fixed on underside of spa shell for penetration free sound through the spa shell - generally fibreglassed in place. Positioning - you may need to exp...

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Sundance Spas Poly Planar Pop Up Stereo Speaker Assembly with IR

SKU: sd6560-501

Poly Planar speaker made for Sundance Spas. Pop up speaker with infra red remote control sensor, speaker and IR wiring harness. MA7020GIR This speaker is different to the MA7020G which has no infra red sens...

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Sundance Spas Sunsound Poly Planar MS 55s Spa / Marine Sub Woofer

SKU: sd20124-001

Marine grade water resistant sub woofer designed specifically for spas. Poly Planar MS 55s compact box marine / spa subwoofer assembly 5.25" subwoofer, 100w RMS, 4 ohms x 2 inputs 40-300Hz 292mm x 218mm x...


Sunspa LED Pop-Up Speaker - Graphite Grey

SKU: sun880-4

Sunspa pop up LED speaker - graphite grey, clear speaker grill. 110mm diameter cap. 93mm hole required. speaker and light wiring. Lighting - suits Rising Dragon. Davey and Spanet 4 wire lighting systems L...

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Waterway 2" Pop Up Rotational Spa Marine Speaker

SKU: ww675-0317

1 x Waterway Spa Stereo Speaker - Push down to pop up or lock down, rotates 180 degrees, 3 way speaker waterproof, weather, salt and uv resistant Dual 2" drivers - anti magnetic design Frequency response ...

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Waterway 5 1/4" Pop Up Marine Spa Speaker

SKU: ww675-0107

1 x Waterway Spa Stereo Speaker - Push to pop up and lock down 5.25" co-axial marine speaker low profile design RMS Power - 75w, Peak Power - 150w Impedance - 4 ohm Frequenct response - 80Hz-20kHz Dual tun...

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Waterway 6" Pop Up Rotational Silo Spa Marine Speaker - Dark Silver Glitter

SKU: ww675-0607dsg

Waterway 6" / 150mm diameter Pop Up Silo Speaker 340 degree rotation 3.5" Co Axia marine speaker 25w RMS / 75w Peak, 4 Ohms 152mm diameter, 125mm hole required. 370mm clearance required below. 13mm ele...