Herga / Pres-Air-Trol 4 Stage Sequential Airswitch

SKU: mcb311a6802-002

Sequential airswitch - 4 stage mechanical latching - used for single airbutton control of 1 and 2 speed pumps with air blower or light. Common on Waterco Portapacs, Waterco and Finsbury spa packs, Jacuzzi pu...

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Herga / Press-Air-Trol 4 Stage Sequencing Sequential Airswitch - Threaded Spout

SKU: mtb311a

Herga or Pres-Air-Trol 4 stage sequencing sequential latching airswitch with threaded spout connection. Blue Cam - alternate to previous sequential airswitch. Threaded spout offers a firmer installation meth...


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Herga 2 Speed Pump Airswitch - 3 Function Airswitch - Threaded Spout

SKU: h6872-dgo-u126

Herga 3 function latching airswitch has many applications such as controlling a 2 speed pump with an air button, or 2 different components that you can't have operate simultaneously. Blue cam (other similar ...

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Herga Micro-bore Air Button - White

SKU: 6434-OW

Herga Micro-bore flush air button. 23mm hole required, 27mm diameter top. Suits micro-bore tubing only Standard clear 3mm ID air tubing will not fit. Maximum distance to airswitch - 3m...

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Herga Rubber Boot Flush Airbutton - White

SKU: h6439

Herga High Volume Rubber Boot Spa Airbutton - White - Flush design High volume suits longer distances to airswitch Flat underside with only the air nipple protruding in an offset position. To secure to the s...


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Herga Rubber Boot Spa Airbutton - White

SKU: h6433

Herga Rubber Boot Spa Airbutton - White High volume suits longer distances to airswitch requires 20mm diameter hole...


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