Aquatemp Thermcore 1.0kw or 1.5kw Tefel Coated spa heater element

SKU: tp25-4009et

Small sized element common in 10A spa systems Therm Products Aquatemp epoxy potted (EP) tefel coated 1.0 or 1.5kw spa heater element used in USA made heater tubes used in Balboa, Gecko, Spa Builders, Spaquip...

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Aquatemp thermcore 1.3kw spa heater element

SKU: g530ab0089

Incolloy 1.3kw, 240v element - Suits Gecko Microspa 10A packs, Hydroquip 718 spa packs and other applications These are new elements removed from Hydroquip packs that had an alternate element fitted. 1 year ...

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Aquatemp Thermcore 100% Titanium Spa Heater Element 3.0kw

SKU: tp25-4036-biz

Thermcore 3.0kw Balboa M7 compatable 100% titanium heater element - suits Balboa, Gecko, Hydroquip and many other heater tubes. Element and bulkhead are 100% titanium for longevity. Suited to all water appl...

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Aquatemp Thermcore Tefel Coated spa heater element 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.6, 4.0, 5.5kw - Universal - also suits M7

SKU: tp25-4036et-bi

Universal tefel coated Thermcore Aquatemp teflon element - 2, 2.5, 3, 3.6, 4 or 5.5 kw rating - suits ALL brands of USA made heater tubes including Balboa M7 heaters used in Signature Spas, Leisureite Spas a...

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Aquatemp Thermcore Universal Titanium Spa Heater Element 2.0, 3.6kw

SKU: tp25-4026biz

Aquatemp Thermcore titanium universal heater element 2.0 and 3.6kw titanium heater element with stainless steel bulkhead - universal design to suit all heaters including Balboa M7 - also suits Gecko Electron...

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Gecko MSPA-MP Thermcore Laing Spa Heater Tube Assembly 2.7kw

SKU: tpc3484-1

Gecko Electronics MSPA-MP circulation spa heater pack replacement heater tube - replaces original Laing Heater tube assemby - wraps around Gecko MSPA-MP spa pack. 2.7kw This heater replaces the original wh...


Gecko SSPA / MSPA Universal 15" Heater Tube Assembly

SKU: tpc2xx0-5003

Universal heater tube assy to specifically suit Gecko S class and M class controllers. 2kw rated standard. Also available as 3.6kw Moveable bands / securing nuts for MSPA packs, 2 positions for pressure swi...

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Laing Therm products Infinity Gecko SSPA spa heater replacement - 2.0kw

SKU: tpc3226-4a

Laing Infinity 2.0kw circulation style heater replacement to suit Gecko Electronics SSPA spa packs and many other circulation heater applications. Includes thermal hi limit and pressure switch.| Used on Heri...

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Therm Products Laing LA Spas Circulation Heater

SKU: tpc3236-2a

Replacement for LA Spas PTEL-63003 Laing Circulation Heater - 2.7kw...

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