Spazazz aromatherapy spa crystals and beads

Spazazz Aqua Therapy Elixir Aromatherapy Fragrance

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NEW RANGE - Spazazz Aqua Therapy Elixir 244ml Limited to stock on hand - do not 'Backorder' if nil stock displays. Liquid fragranced therapy range of elixirs suitable for use in spas and spa baths. Does no...

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Spazazz Instant Aromatic Escape Spa Beads Aromatherapy Fragrance Cartridge

SKU: spazazzszbxx

NEW RANGE - 23 different aromas to choose from! Spazazz Instant Aromatic Escape Spa Beads - aromatherapy fragranced beads - click on image to scroll through images of the individual fragrances Perfect for ...

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