12V, 12W Lamp GE912 x 30 - Bulk Pack

SKU: ww813-4370-30

BULK PACK x 30 units Standard 12W, 12v AC incandescent lamp - push in wedge base suits most generic light fittings / spa control systems....

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AMP light cable harness with lamp socket x 30 - Bulk Pack

SKU: b25098-30

BULK PACK x 30 units AMP 2 pin male plug fitted light wiring harness with lamp/globe holder to suit wedge style incandescant and LED lamps. Suits all: HQ 37-0001 - Hydroquip / Pentair packs and B 25098 -...

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Balboa G&G Industries FX 3.5" Light Fitting x 30 - Bulk Pack

SKU: b59300-30

BULK PACK x 30 units Balboa Water Group / G&G Industries 3.5" FX spa light fitting 83mm D, 55mm hole required (without grommet gasket) 63mm hole required (with gasket) 78mm depth. Will accomodate a standar...

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J&J Color Choice 9 LED Slave Light

SKU: jjlsl9-s2-lc

J&J Colorchoice 9 LED slave light ONE ONLY - Special price - do not 'Backorder' if nil stock displays 2 x 5 pin sockets 0.15A Used on LA Spas and others...

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LED Light 4 Pin Power Supply Cable Adaptor

SKU: spa-led-sc

LED light 4 wire power supply cable / adaptor 4 pin Din plug for connection to spa controller, and 4 pin phone style plug to connect to LED slave lighting The centre section of heatshrink contains a circuit ...

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LED Slave Light 4 pin 3 way connector

SKU: spa-led-3way

LED slave light 4 wire 3 way connector Unknown Chinese brand...

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LED Slave Light 4 pin connection cable - 300mm

SKU: spa-led-ic

LED slave light 4 wire interconnection cable 300mm long Unknown Chinese brand...

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Single LED Slave Light - 4 pin

SKU: spa-led-1

Single LED slave lamp - 4 wire 100mm long Unknown Chinese brand...

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