Australian Spa Parts -Spa Builders Systems Group electronics spa control system parts

Spa Builders Systems Group electronic control system components and parts for LX series spa and hot tub controllers such as LX - 10, LX - 15, LX - 20, LX - 25 and LX - 30 used in various spas and hot tubs including Palm Springs Spas (now Palm Beach Spas), and Bullfrog Spas.
The majority of parts are universal, however the circuit boards are designed for Australia and Europe with 240v / 50Hz power supply (many will work on 220v, 60Hz - they can also run on 110v with correct transformer)

Spa Builders 6 Pole Terminal Block

SKU: sb6-05-0065

6 pole terminal block - suits LX-25/30 pcb's and others...


Spa Builders Flow / Pressure Switch Wiring Harness - LX - 15

SKU: sb5-60-1123

Flow / Pressure switch wiring harness for LX-15 systems...

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Spa Builders LX - 30 Eprom Chip - LX - 25 Upgrade r032p2s

SKU: sb3-60-1038

LX-30 eprom chip - for use with LX-30 systems, and also as a RETROFIT for use with obsolete LX-25 topside panels pictured above, in conjunction with a new LX-30 topside panel listed above. Replaces the LX-25...


Spa Builders LX-10 / 15 Sensor Harness Set

SKU: sb5-60-1122

'Fire Cracker' same sized temperature and hi-limit sensors...

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Spa Builders LX-20 / 25 / 30 Sensor Harness Set

SKU: sb5-60-1120

'Fire Cracker' same sized temperature and hi-limit sensors with pressure switch wiring harness...

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Spa Builders Power Transformer - LX - 10 / LX - 15

SKU: sb5-30-0052

Power transformer for Spa Builders LX - 10 and LX - 15 control systems 220-240v, 50/60Hz...


Spa Builders Power Transformer - LX - 25 / LX - 30

SKU: sb5-30-0041

Spa Builders circuit board power transformer - suits LX-25, and LX-30 pcb's. 220-240v, 50/60Hz...

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