Spaquip / Ampac Pulsar series control replacement

Spaquip 1.5kw, 10A or 2.0kw 15A Spa Power 400 Controller, Touchpad Remote Heater Assembly - Pulsar, 2095 & Intuitive Series Retrofit

SKU: sq400pau-1xsq950xx5

Spaquip Spa Power 400 replacement system Spaquip / Aquaswim / Aquapacific Pulsar Series (1, 2, 3 and 4 button touchpads without displays) and Spaquip Intuitive Series (7 button touchpad with LED bar temp in...

Spaquip Spa Power 500A mkII Controller

SKU: sq500aus-15

Spaquip Spa Power 500A Mk II 10A Controller with 1.5kw heater (10A) or 2.0kw heater (15A) PLUS TOUCHPAD Control 1 x single speed pump and 1 x blower (or light, etc). Replaces 54500 and original 500A controll...