Australian Spa Parts - Davey Spaquip spa control system circuit boards PCB

Davey Spaquip electronic control system printed circuit boards to suit many different control systems

We highly recommend you consider sending your complete control system (including touchpad) for assessment / repair rather than purchasing a circuit board for your electrician to fit. Should you purchase and FIT a pcb, it CANNOT be returned as 'no longer required' or 'didn't solve the problem', etc. 

Spaquip PCB - Spa Power 500A Mk II Series

SKU: sq846600-tsp

Spa Power 500A Mk II pcb for all Spa Power 500A mk 2 controls only does NOT suit first release 500A circuit board replacement - the conversion kit is required if you have this original pcb. There is a diffe...

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Spaquip PCB Conversion Kit Assembly - Spa Power 54500 & 500A to 500A Mk II Series

SKU: sq856497-2sp

Replacement option for failed Spa Power 500 ( 54500 ) and 500A which converts older units to the current 500A Mk II PCB and software changes. Original touchpad still used. New system manual available for d...

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Spaquip Spa Power 1200 PCB

SKU: sq846607-2tsp

Spaquip Spa Power 1200 pcb circuit board....


Spaquip Spa Power 400 PCB

SKU: sq846602-tsp

Davey Spaquip Spa Power 400 replacement printed circuit board....

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Spaquip Spa Power 600 PCB

SKU: sq846601-T600SP

Davey Spaquip Spa Power 600 replacement PCB Suits older SP 600 spa packs fitted with rectangular Mini J&J sockets on the side of the box. * Do not use for replacement of PCB in a Spa Power 601 spa pack as ...

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Spaquip Spa Power 601 PCB - 2015+ Titanium Heater version

SKU: sq846601-10t

Davey Spaquip Spa Power 601 PCB to suit late 2015+ spa control systems fitted with titanium heaters (Titanium heaters have 2 small element penetrations with locknuts Original heaters have a large brass elem...


Spaquip Spa Power 601 PCB Kit - pre 2015 Original Heater version

SKU: sq846601-10TSP

Davey Spaquip Spa Power 601 PCB kit with wiring harness, to suit pre October 2015 spa control systems fitted with original oval brass bulkhead style elements in the heater. (Titanium heaters have 2 small el...

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Spaquip Spa Power 750 PCB

SKU: sq856466

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please call to discuss replacement options. Spaquip Spa Power 750 pcb - circuit board...

Spaquip Spa Power 800 PCB

SKU: sq846606sp

Davey Spaquip Spa Power 800 pcb circuit board. Current version with additional components not on earlier models but backward compatable This current version Spa Power 800 PCB supports Variable Speed Drive (V...

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