Gecko Electronics

Gecko Electronics control packs - USPA Microspa, SSPA, MSPA electronic spa controllers - all Gecko control packs include temperature sensors.
All gecko control packs do not include touchpads.

Aeware Spa Monitor & Weather Station

SKU: aeware0699-607001

Aeware - in-house spa system monitoring and weather station. Not only does it display indoor, outdoor and spa water temperatures, but it also keeps on eye on spa condition reporting error codes an...

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Gecko / LA Spas EXM-5 AMP Fibre Optic Control Module replacement

SKU: g0101-200013

LA Spas Gecko EXM-5 fibre optic control module with AMP plug/sockets. LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND - DISCONTINUED - Do NOT 'Backorder' if stock level is zero Used extensively on LA Spas fitted with Gecko SSPA ...

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Gecko S.Class / SSPA-MP Controller Circ System - 2.0kw

SKU: g0202-201024circ

Gecko Spa Pack with heater to suit low flow Laing SM or E-10 series pumps with 3/4" barb plumbing. 2kw This is a replacement spa control box for older blue plastic Gecko SSPA spa packs with remote trombone...