Spa & Spa Bath Electronic Touch Button Controls

Electronic Touch Button spa control systems

Quality modern alternative to older technology airswitch / air button systems.

Balboa Simplex systems and Spaquip systems available

Balboa Simplex Single Round Touch Button Topside Panel

SKU: b51694

Balboa Instruments Simplex single round touch button topside panel 20 minute auto timeout. Replaces airswitch / air button systems. For use with pumps, air blowers, or any other device. Can be used to operat...

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Balboa Simplex System Water Level Sensor - Silver

SKU: b30316slv

Balboa Instruments Simplex System water level sensor can also be incorporated into the Balboa 240v Simplex System listed above, to protect spa bath pumps dry running if inadvertantly activated. Water level s...

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