Australian Spa Parts - G&G Industries Balboa spa jets

G&G Industries is now owned by Balboa Water Group 

G&G Industries spa jets listed here include
Aquassage, Mini, Macro and Ultra Blaster

G&G Industries Adjustassage Jet Body

SKU: e4423a


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G&G Industries Adjustassage Scalloped Jet Face - Pulse

SKU: e4396

G&G Industries Adjustassage pulse jet insert - grey or white Clear insert and pulsator face 64mm diameter 2 long prongs 45mm long x 5mm wide...

G&G Industries Ultra Blaster Spa Jet - Grey with Stainless Steel escutcheon

SKU: gg28725-cg

G&G Industries Ultra Blaster spa jet Non adjustable jet with 15 nozzles - threaded insert 2" Spigot water x dual 3/8"B air venturi inlets, 22mm orifice Diameter - 194mm, hole size required - 152mm...