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Pentair Cyclone spa jets 125mm diameter

CMP 500 Series Jet Wrench

SKU: cmp23452-999-999

CMP 500 series jet tool - also suits the following jet bodies - Waterway Power Storm and whirlpool, Pentair Cyclone, Hurricane, Rising Dragon 5" Quantum...


Jet Wrench Kit

SKU: cmpjetwrenchkit

Spa Jet wrench kit - these 4 x spa jet body locknut wrenches suit numerous spa jet bodies used on many spas including: CMP 200 series Typhoon and Waterway Adjustable Cluster Storm CMP 300 series Typhoon and...



Pentair Cyclone Adjustable Nozzle Directional - Stainless Steel Escutcheon

SKU: p900119ww

128mm diameter face...

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Pentair Cyclone Adjustable Roto Swirl Jet Internal Barrel

SKU: p944511ww

125mm D textured 5 point swirl internal Used on LA Spas, Monarch Spas, Maax Spas, and many others...

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Pentair Cyclone Jet Back Diffuser - Wine Glass

SKU: p47870000

Pentair Cyclone jet barrel diffuser - this is the white wine glass shaped plastic rear on the jet that often perishes with chemical abuse / mis-use - usually through the use of BROMINE - Do NOT use Bromine a...

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Pentair Cyclone Jet Body

SKU: pcycloneb

Pentair Pac Fab Cyclone Jet Body hole size required - 95mm 3/4" barb - water x 3/8" barb - air...

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Pentair Cyclone Massage Twin Spin 7 Hole " Gatling Gun " Jet Internal Barrel

SKU: p9510ww

125mm D twin pulse rotating nozzle behind 'gatling' face Retrofits swirl internal...

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Pentair Cyclone Super Jet Nozzle Face & Body Assembly

SKU: pcycsuperjet

Large capacity whirlpool jet. 1.5" spigot water x 1/2" socket air. Requires 95mm hole diameter. 125mm face, 27mm internal diameter nozzle. 25mm jet body orifice....


Pentair Cyclone Super Jet Nozzle Face - Grey

SKU: p900931ww

Large capacity whirlpool jet. 125mm face, 27mm internal diameter nozzle. 25mm jet body orifice. Not to be confused with standard Cyclone directional jet internal which has a smaller diameter hole in the n...


Pentair Handheld Spa Jet - Pulsator - Cyclone - Grey - Spaquip Super Jet, Signature Spas Hurricane Jet, Sundance Spas Intellijet LX

SKU: phhcyclone

Handheld Twin Spinning Pulsator Jet with flexible tubing for body massage - fits all Pentair Cyclone, Spaquip Super jet, Sundance Spas Intellijet LX and Signature Spas Hurricane Jet Bodies Simply remove exis...

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