Threaded-In Style

Waterway Plastics Mini Storm spa jets
75mm and 85mm diameter face

New design - Threaded-In series - the jet face is simply threaded into the jet body. A lug prevents unwanted unthreading.
This style has been used in Australia ONLY on imported spas 2013+

CMP 300 Series Jet Wrench

SKU: cmp23432-999-999

CMP 300 series jet tool - also suits Waterway mini storm jet bodies...

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Jet Wrench Kit

SKU: cmpjetwrenchkit

Spa Jet wrench kit - these 4 x spa jet body locknut wrenches suit numerous spa jet bodies used on many spas including: CMP 200 series Typhoon and Waterway Adjustable Cluster Storm CMP 300 series Typhoon and...


Waterway Mini Storm 5 Point Scallop - Directional - Grey - THREADED

SKU: ww229-0027

Waterway mini storm THREADED style jet - directional - Grey 75mm D, with single directional nozzle...


Waterway Mini Storm 5 Point Scallop - Twin Roto - Large Face - THREADED

SKU: ww229-7847

Waterway Mini Storm Large Face Twin Roto THREADED VERSION Wider 83.5mm diameter face, fits same body. Twin roto Rear diffuser is marked 218-6530 and has a male thread on the inner section of the wider part ...

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Waterway Mini Storm GLO Clear Jet Internal - Textured 5 Scallop - Twin Roto - THREADED

SKU: ww230-7957

Waterway Mini storm GLO Clear THREADED style jet internal Twin Roto 75mm diameter face....


Waterway Mini Storm GLO Jet Body - THREADED - 3/4"RB x 3/8"B

SKU: ww228-0308

Waterway Mini Storm Jet Body - GLO Clear to suit LED lighting. Built in LED ports 55mm hole required 3/4" Ribbed Barb water x 3/8" ribbed barb air hose connection....


Waterway Mini Storm THREADED Jet Body 3/4"RB x 3/8"B

SKU: ww228-0300

Waterway Mini Storm Jet Body - New THREADED VERSION Suits ww229-xxxx series threaded jet face/barrels ONLY Do not order if unsure Threaded jets have only been used on imported spas since 2011 Most Mini St...

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