Australian Spa Parts - Spaquip Davey Maxiflow spa pump wet end parts

Spaquip - Davey Maxiflow spa jet pump wet end parts

Spaquip 40mm threaded, 50mm Spg x 40mm Skt Heater Tee Male Tail Union Body

SKU: sq4108

Spaquip / Davey 'male tail' threaded union section with 50mm/2" spigot x 40mm/1.5" socket. Thread size is 40mm union size (approx 70mm OD) This is a specialty component used on (and supplied with) Spa Power...

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Spaquip 50mm Union w/40mm S/50mm Spg Tail

SKU: sq511251135115

Suits Spaquip Monster Pump...


Spaquip 50mm Union w/50mm Tail Socket

SKU: sq511251135114

50mm Spaquip Pump union / heater union - Suits Monster and Maxi Flow pumps, and all Spa Power heater barrels (600, 601, 750, 800, 1000, 1200) Comprises tail, nut and o-ring...


Spaquip Maxi Flow 1.5hp Impeller

SKU: sq6856

101mm diameter, 13.7mm vane width, 5 x vanes...

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Spaquip Maxi Flow 2hp Impeller - 14mm shaft only

SKU: sq6854

105mm diameter, 13.4mm vane width, 5 x vanes - 14mm shaft diameter version ONLY - 16.5mm motor shaft version no longer available - ensure you measure the motor shaft diameter before ordering...


Spaquip Maxi-Flow Pump Body

SKU: sq6821


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Spaquip Maxi-Flow Seal Plate - Suits AO Smith or Magnetek Motors

SKU: sq6819

Pump seal plate to suit Spaquip Maxiflow pump with AO Smith or Magnetek 48 frame smooth motor. * note that there is an alternate seal plate for these pumps mounted to a Fasco motor...

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Spaquip Maxi-Flow Seal Plate - Suits Fasco Motors

SKU: sq6820

Pump seal plate to suit Spaquip Maxiflow pump with Fasco motor. It's the right hand version in the image displayed: left hand type pictured suits AO Smith or Magnatek motors, Right hand type for Fasco moto...

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Spaquip Maxiflow 2.5hp Pump Impeller - 14mm

SKU: sq6855

113mm diameter, 12.7mm vane width, 5 x vanes 16.5mm shaft impellers are now obsolete - not available 14mm shaft diameter / thread ONLY...


Spaquip Maxiflow 3hp Pump Impeller

SKU: sq6853

Common size used on Signature spas, Lanark Spas and others 113mm diameter, 15.7mm vane width, 5 x vanes Suits 14mm motor shaft diameter (16.5mm motor shaft suited impellers NLA - a replacement pump will be ...


Spaquip Maxiflow Pump Body O-Ring Seal

SKU: sq6581


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