Centre Discharge

Mechanical Seal - Carbon / Ceramic - 5/8" Cup Seal Type 7

SKU: h6a5cc

5/8" type 7 cup ceramic mechanical seal Suits Waterway Executive and most other Waterway pumps, Spaquip Scorpio, Spa Systems Pirahna jet Pumps, some Finsbury & Waterco Pumps and others Also used in Waterway...

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Mechanical Seal - Silicon Carbide - 5/8" Cup Seal Type 7

SKU: h6a5sc

5/8" type 7 (6A) cup silicon carbide mechanical seal Silicon Carbide primary ring / Silicon Carbide seat seal surfaces with Viton elastomers and stainless steel hardware for superior longevity against abras...

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Waterway Centre Discharge Impeller - 1.5hp (2hp USA)

SKU: ww310-5200

Waterway centre discharge 1.5hp impeller (USA 2hp) 98mm OD, 18.4mm vane width, 5 vanes...

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