Australian Spa Parts - Waterway Plastics Viper spa swim jet pump wet end parts

Waterway Plastics Viper Swim Jet Pump wet end spare parts

Mechanical Seal - Carbon / Ceramic - 5/8" Standard Type 6

SKU: h65cc

5/8" type 6 standard ceramic mechanical seal Suits Aquaflo XP2 (p.n. 92500150 ) , Waterway Viper (not Executive), Piranha Circulation Pumps and plenty of others Dimensions 32mm OD ceramic (including rubber)...

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Mechanical Seal - Silicon Carbide - 5/8" Standard Type 6

SKU: h65sc

5/8" type 6 premium silicon carbide mechanical seal Silicon Carbide primary ring / Silicon Carbide seat seal surfaces with Viton elastomers and stainless steel hardware for superior longevity against abrasi...

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Waterway 2.5" Pump Union Assembly - Suits Waterway Viper Pump

SKU: ww400-6011

Waterway Viper 2.5" pump union assembly Outside diameter of nut is 105mm. Pipe socket - 2.5" USA pipe OD of 73mm 2.5" union nut with 2.5" socket tail piece. Does not suit Waterway Executive pumps which us...

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Waterway Viper 2.2kw (5hp) Pump Wetend Complete

SKU: ww310-0180

Waterway Viper pump wetend complete - 2.2kw, (5hp USA) Complete with volute, faceplate, body o-ring, impeller, mechanical seal, and wear ring. Uses a 5/8" standard type 6 seal. O-ring is seated in a groove a...


Waterway Viper Pump Impeller

SKU: ww310-2620

Waterway Viper pump impeller 92mm diameter, 7 x vanes, 19mm vane width Unique design - approx 30 degree pitched front/rear plates creating a concave rear / convex front Mechanical seal to suit is a 5/8" stan...