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All in one spa hot pump replacement kit


Spa pool hot pump replacements. 
The kits listed include a pump and premium quality Canadian made Gecko Aeware electronic spa control/heater

Designed to replace older all in one 'hot pumps' that were the industry standard from the late 80's right through the 90's and even up uptil 2015, including such pumps as:
onga 4352, 4353, 4395
Finsbury Vortex Elite
Waterco Portapac, Portapac Elite
Davey XSHD200, 250 & 300
Spaquip Pulsar and 2095 series (with separate pump)

These older pumps were typically set up as a 10A system with 1hp pump or a 15A system with a 1.5hp pump. Our kits listed below reflect this.

Heater position - is not restricted to the location as depicted in the images. The heater can infact go in either suction or return plumbing from the pump in the pipework within reach of the electrical control box. This makes retro-fitting this system easy.
Each kit comes ready to connect to power and is light ready (a spa light fitting/lamp can be added). Only the original air blower is re-used.

In all cases, these kits support the pump supplied plus one existing air blower / second pump (with max load of 6A)



Hot Pump - all in one - Retrofit Kit - 10A

SKU: hotpumpretro10

Retrofit system to replace 10A older all in one 'hot pumps' such as: Onga 4352 Waterco Portapac / Portapac Elite 10A Finsbury Vortex Elite Davey XSHD200 / 250 This kit includes: Aeware in.yj-2 spa syste...

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Hot Pump - all in one - Retrofit Kit - 15A

SKU: hotpumpretro15

Retrofit system to replace 15A older all in one 'hot pumps' such as: Onga 4353, 4395 Waterco Portapac / Portapac Elite 15A Davey Xcelsior Finsbury Vortex Elite Davey XSHD300 This kit includes: Aeware in...

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