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Aeware IRMT-4 Universal Infra-red Floating Remote

SKU: aeware0799-005001c

You don't even need a spa to make use of AV features of this device! For use with IR sensor on spas fitted with Gecko MSPA-MP spa controllers, Hydroquip 9700 series controllers and Aeware spa controllers (i...

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Dimension One Spa Gecko DJS data cable

SKU: d101560-620

Gecko 9920-400520 data cable used with DJS massage jet sequencers etc as a split communication cable....

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Dimension One Spa Harwil Flow Switch Mechanism

SKU: d101710-131

Harwil flow switch mechanism used on Dimension One Spas - Electrical connector is 2 wire / 2 pin for Dimension one Spas applications...

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Dimension One Spas compartment cooling fan

SKU: d101710-112e

Dimension One spas compartment cooling fan - Sunon DP200A 2123XBT 220-240v, 50/60Hz...

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Dimension One Spas light cable

SKU: d101710-33e

Dimension One spas light cable...

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Dimension One Spas, Ramco, Evolution M-1 Spa Flow Switch Grid Control - 1A

SKU: m-1

Usually found fitted to Dimension One Spas with Crystal Pure Water Management Systems in the early to mid '90's....


Gecko DJS Power Transformer 230v / 24v

SKU: d101560-88e

Gecko DJS (digital jet sequencer) power transformer - eport version - 230v primary, 24v secondary to power the DJS pcb. Used on Dimension One Spas...

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Gecko MSPA-MP Power Transformer

SKU: g9920-100225

Gecko MSPA-MP pcb power supply transformer - also suits Hydroquip CS9707 spa packs. May be marked 5-30-7003, CT-3749 5 pin primary plug / 4 pin secondary plug 240v input 12v / 23v dual output Not used on Gec...

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Gecko PCB fuse 3.15A

SKU: d101710-510

3.15A, 250v glass fuse 20mm long x 5mm diameter. All fuses are tested prior to dispatch Fuses carry no warranty due to their consumable nature - these fuses have been tested for continuity and are operable. ...

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Gecko Regulation Temperature Probe - short lead

SKU: g9920-400844

Main in-water temperature sensor probe - used on SSPA and MSPA-MP gecko electronics spa packs used by Dimension One Spas. Not used in older MSPA-1 spa packs (white metal boxes - but don't confuse with USA su...

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