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If you are looking for a gift idea, why not browse through the selection listed below or utilise our Gift Certificates. 

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Aeware Spa Monitor & Weather Station

SKU: aeware0699-607001

Aeware - in-house spa system monitoring and weather station. Not only does it display indoor, outdoor and spa water temperatures, but it also keeps on eye on spa condition reporting error codes an...

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Aeware IRMT-4 Universal Infra-red Floating Remote

SKU: aeware0799-005001c

You don't even need a spa to make use of AV features of this device! For use with IR sensor on spas fitted with Gecko MSPA-MP spa controllers, Hydroquip 9700 series controllers and Aeware in.xe, in.xm and i...

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AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader

SKU: trutestreader

PERFECT FOR FAST, ACCURATE, EASY TESTING OF YOUR SPA OR POOL WATER AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader Combines the ease and accuracy of AquaChek Test Strips with advanced digital technology. No more ...

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Derby Duck

SKU: duck1000-r

Derby Duck - floating fun ducky for spa or bath...

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Derby Duck Floating Thermometer

SKU: duck7000

Derby Duck floating thermostat with tether. A fun way to check spa temperature....

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Flood / Overfill Alert

SKU: csngn10001

Ever left a tap running and accidentally overfilled your swimming pool, spa, bath or other water vessel? Overfilling is not only a waste of water and possible home water damage, but in the case of pools and ...

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SPAccessories Universal spa pillow - weighted - Grey only

SKU: trpcwb

Classic universal spa pillow with strap and weight to allow for installation in any situation regardless of spa construction - grey only 295mm wide x 165mm high, 200mm strap length from pillow to sand bag w...