Air Injectors

Edgetec "O2" Air Injector - Grey w/stainless steel escutcheon

SKU: e2000-ss

Edgetec O2 spa air injector - grey with 316 stainless outer ring 33.5mm diameter, hole size required - 17.5mm (with L gasket), or 16mm (silicon - no gasket) Supplied with compensating alignment ring...

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Waterway LoPro Air Injector - Stainless Steel

SKU: ww670-2210

Stainless steel version of air injector above - dress up your spa - 38mm D cap x 19mm hole size The cap unscrews from the body and can be replaced if necessary, or easily colour changed...

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Waterway Top Flo Air Injector - Stainless Steel

SKU: ww670-2350

38mm D x 30mm Hole, stainless steel cap...

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