304 Stainless Steel Countersunk Screw 6G x 20mm

SKU: ssscrew

Stainless steel 304 grade 6G x 20mm screw - for pillow headrest button studs Pre-Drill spa shell first - 3mm drill bit - DO NOT POWER DRIVE these into the acrylic surface - PRE-DRILL FIRST - the acrylic may ...

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CMP 2" Diverter Valve - Crown Top - Stainless Steel / Silver

SKU: cmp25048-822-80025048-089

CMP 2" diverter valve used on Sapphire Spas with a clear wall fitting for illumination with LED's. - square shaft is 11mm square. Can be used as a complete valve replacement. 86mm hole diameter required in ...


Edgetec 50mm Diverter Valve - Grey w/ Stainless steel insert

SKU: e2900-ss

Edgetec 50mm diverter valve - cap and handle are moulded as one. the gate shaft has 15 splines for easy cap/handle alignment. 316 grade stainless steel trim on the grey textured 5 point scalloped cap. 80mm ...

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Waterway Adustable Mini Jet Deluxe Series / Air Venturi Control Deluxe Stainless Steel Trim Ring

SKU: ww916-0030

Suits deluxe series only - Waterway adj Mini Jet eg 224-1040 and Waterway 1" Air Control - Scalloped 660-3560 & Notched 660-3570 53.5mm OD x 34.5mm ID 304 stainless steel, with double sided tape fitted....

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Waterway front Access Spa / Pool Skimmer - white with Stainless Steel Fascia

SKU: ww510-1500916-1010

Waterway Weir skimmer with stainless steel fascia - for use in fibreglass and concrete spas and pools. Hole size required - 150mm wide x 130mm high. Face dimensions - 195mm wide x 185mm high Supplied with...

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