Markon Air Control - 3 Scallop - Chrome

SKU: mkas020203-au

Markon 3 scallop chrome spa bath air venturi control 47mm diameter top Suits 32mm diameter hole in spa bath Plumbing connection 1. 0.5" / 15mm socket - suits 15mm pipe 2. 0.75" / 20mm spigot - suits 20mm ...

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Markon Air Control - Bar Dome Series - Chrome

SKU: mkas010903

Markon Dome Series air control assembly - 3/4 length handle design. 46mm diameter, 32mm hole diameter required. 2 x 9mm barbs. Chrome is a coating applied through electrolysis to a base material such as bras...

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Markon Air Control Adaptor - 15mm / 0.5" to 25mm / 1" socket

SKU: mkma0126-au

Markon air venturi adaptor - converts to 1" / 25mm socket for standard manifold connection 0.5" / 15mm spigot x 1" / 25mm socket adaptor Fits markon air controls as well as any 0.5"/15mm sockets...

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Markon Air Control Adaptor - 20mm / 3/4" Socket to twin 3/8" Barbs

SKU: mkma0626

Markon air venturi adaptor - converts 20mm / 3/4" socket to 2 x 3/8" barbs Fits Markon air controls with 20mm spigot base :mkas020203-au mkan010103-au Or any other 20mm spigot / 20mm pipe...

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Markon Standard Top Draw Air Control - 6 Notch - Chrome

SKU: mkan010103-au

Markon standard top draw (air is sucked in from under the cap, above the spa shell) air control valve The chrome cap can fully unscrew anti-clockwise. 46mm diameter cap 32mm hole required. Plumbing conne...

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S&P Silent Air Control - Chrome

SKU: wcasf164

Mainly used on spa baths - chrome cap does a 1/4 turn On/Off 40mm diameter cap, 27mm diameter hole required Designed for 25mm pressure pipe to glue inside the body under the spa Chrome is a coating applied...

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