Australian Spa Parts - Stand alone Spa Lights

Stand alone LED spa lighting for spas, hot tubs and swim spas.
Lights listed here either include their own controller or are the only extra part required (Davey Spaquip)

Davey Spaquip Spa Power Rising Dragon Variable Colour LED Slave Light

SKU: sqrd5lh-qrdl7gsl

Davey Spaquip 5" / 125mm variable colour LED slave light assembly manufactured by Rising Dragon Can only be used with Davey Spa-Quip controllers - Spa Power 400, 600, 601 - Use as a solo light only Spa Pow...

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Davey Spaquip Spa Power Variable Colour LED Light

SKU: sq3708L

Spaquip variable colour LED light - Can only be used with Spa-Quip controllers - Spa Power 400, 600, 800, 1200 series - Lamp comes complete with Rising Dragon RD631-1071 Light Housing - diameter of 81.5mm - ...


PAL 2000 multi-colour 12 LED Lamp

SKU: pal39-LAU

PAL 2000 Pool / Spa light replacement multi-colour LED lamp. 12 wide angle LED's. 8 modes including disco, blend and 6 solid colours. Can replace standard lamp in any PAL 2000 light housing. Complete with...

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Rising Dragon 7 LED Master lamp, 2 wire Pinnacle lighting system string

SKU: rdl7mtc-00atl

Rising Dragon pinnacle Lighting system 7 LED Master light Twist locks into any standard light housing 54mm OD Suits Rising Dragon 2 wire Pinnacle system string lighting system wiring bus as well as being sta...


Sloan LiquaLED Ultrabrite 10 LED Light Controller Lamp

SKU: sloan701739-sao

Sloan LiquaLED Ultrabrite LED Lamp with 10 multicolour LED Cluster - super bright - equivalent to 16+ LED's. This is a stand alone 12v AC lamp that fits any normal bayonet style spa light housing, complete ...

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SloanLED 9 LED Multi-colour spa lamp

SKU: sloan701861-9-p

Upgrade your white spa lamp - SloanLED 9 super bright LED spa lamp - suits any bayonet fit standard lamp holders to replace a standard wedge style 12w AC globe. 10 x colour combinations with each off/on op...

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SpaNET SV series 5" LED light assy

SKU: snled-ml7-5w-sv

SpaNET SV series LED 5" light assembly - can also be used as a master light controller for additional lighting string system on the SpaNET SV series controllers only....