Davey Spaquip Spa Power Variable Colour LED Light

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Spaquip variable colour LED light - Can only be used with Spa-Quip controllers - Spa Power 400, 600, 800, 1200 series -
Lamp comes complete with Rising Dragon RD631-1071 Light Housing - diameter of 81.5mm - Suits 65mm hole size.
LED lamp OD of 55mm.
The LED lamp CAN be used with other light housings from Waterway (3.5" and 5" Jumbo).
This enables a Spaquip LED light to be retrofitted to a spa along with a new Spaquip Spa Power controller when upgrading from an earlier system of any brand with a light housing of unknown make.

**The new Rising Dragon branded lamp supplied with these lights will NOT fit the original Spaquip light housings the previous LED lights were supplied with. The original housings were also smaller with a 81mm OD and requiring a 63mm diameter hole.

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