Portable Spa Air Blowers


Spa air blowers for use in weather protected and / or portable spa applications

Almost all air blowers will retrofit each other. Most use a similar sized motor regardless of stated hp / wattage rating. If yours is not listed, select an alternate with the appropriate plug type required on your cord. Not all blowers are available with every cord/plug type.

Air Supply of the Future Max Air Spa Blower - 1.5hp

SKU: air61032-100

Air Supply of the Future Max Air Blower - 1.5hp 240v, 50/60Hz, 3.2A Cord options: AMP for Balboa cordset - suits GS / GL series and newer Balboa, Aeware in.ye only. (can't be used on Spaquip/Spanet) in.l...

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Balboa Water Group G&G Quiet-Flo Spa Air Blower

SKU: b8142-0050

New Range of spa blowers from Balboa Water Group Portable spa pool air blower designed for installation away from direct sunlight/weather, such as under spa. Can be covered for outdoor installation. 230-2...

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LX APR 800 V2 Spa Air Blower

SKU: lxapr800v2

LX APR800V2 spa air blower. APR series air blowers have a 1.5" / 40mm threaded union for easy blower loop pipe connection. Supplied standard with AMP plug/cord to suit Aeware in.ye or Balboa. Also availabl...

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Spaquip Spa Power Air Blower - Variable Speed

SKU: sq5602

Spaquip Variable Speed Air Blower - AMP power cord and low voltage connector cord that plugs into Spaquip controller circuit boards for speed control ONLY SUITS SPAQUIP SPA POWER 400, 601, 800, 1200 controll...

Waterco Airflo spa air blower

SKU: wc282400

Standard economy model without noise reducing baffles The Waterco range of air blowers are designed to be installed in all weather locations - (vertical mounting for outdoors) 50mm / 2" horizontal or vertica...


Waterco Whisperair spa air blower

SKU: wc282401

Reduced running noise with internal baffles...


Waterco Whisperair spa air blower with airswitch

SKU: wc282421

Whisperair blower with built in airswitch Simply add an air button for total control setup...