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LX APR800V2 spa air blower.
APR series air blowers have a 1.5" / 40mm threaded union for easy blower loop pipe connection. *Beware glue fumes - see further info below.
Supplied standard with AMP plug/cord to suit Aeware in.ye or Balboa.

PLUG & LEAD TYPE - See here to Identify the type required

Controlled by the spa control pack its connected to.
Cord / plug options available:
AMP plug to suit Balboa, Ethink, Aeware in.y series
AMP plug to suit Davey Spaquip and Spanet
standard cat38 3 pin plug for Australian power point
blank cord
in.link to suit Aeware in.xe and in.xm spa packs
Mini J&J to suit Hydroquip / Pentair
Mini J&J to suit MOST Gecko controllers - all on Australian made spas from Maax, Heritage, Lanark and others
*Note that some Gecko packs use single speed pump configured plugs/pins - see image of plugs to ID - particularly LA Spas and also older Signature Spas Balboa packs - If you have a single speed pin configuration on your blower, this APR800 is not available with this cord type - you may be able to have the existing cord refitted.
230v, 50Hz, 880w, 4A dual stage fan for greater pressure operation up to 1000mm water depth. 700w motor and 180w heater element.

Suitable replacement for almost all alternate spablowers with 'stated' ratings of 850-1100w
285mm long including threaded union, 170mm high, 170mm wide.

NB. We are aware of an alternate version of this blower with the same 'APR800' part number that has a second control wire and connects to Davey Spa Power controllers as a 'Variable speed blower' This blower is NOT a replacement for those models. You must purchase SKU: SQ5602 to replace those blowers

*Do not start the blower after gluing the union to the pipework as glue fumes may have entered the blower and will result in an explosion if the motor is started. Best practice is to glue the union to the pipe with blower disconnected. Either connect the blower once it is already running or wait 1hour before screwing the union onto the air blower*

2 year warranty on LX blowers

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