Aeware by Gecko

Aeware 3 Spa Electronic Control Systems - made by Gecko Electronics

Aeware in.xe and in.xm series systems

in.k200 & in.k450 series topside panel touchpads

Aeware in.touch module - wifi Apple & Android smartphone / device spa control

SKU: aeware0608-521012

Aeware in.touch wifi module REMOTE ACCESS WITH Android, iPHONE, iPOD, iPAD via wi-fi for full spa control from anywhere - MORE functions than any touchpad! Can only be used with aeware in.xe spa packs conf...

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Aeware in.xe Spa Controller with in-line heater

SKU: aeware0602-221018

Aeware in.xe-5-11-H2.0 (or 4.0)-1-N-N-O-D-32K-CE-GE3 by Gecko Electronics 5 outputs - 2 pumps, blower, circ pump, ozone, light, aux/audio, 2kw or 4kw heater Output 1 = Pump, output 2 = Pump or Blower, outp...

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Aeware In.XM Controller 3-5 Pumps 240v, 50Hz

SKU: artesian33-0335-40

Aeware In.XM control pack - will control 3-5 pumps - suits remote In.Therm heater...

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Aeware in.xm2 control pack

SKU: aeware0601-221105

Gecko Aeware in.xm2 controller Replacement for packs used on Maax Spas, LA Spas, Artesian Spas and others Standard Outputs: 3 jet pumps 1 x circulation pump 1 x air blower 1 x ozone 1 x 12v AC light 2 ...


Aeware spa controller


Aeware electronic spa control box complete with heater. Available with 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0kw heater element Touchpad and cables sold separately Aeware's newest controller uses the industry popula...

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Aeware Spa Control Pack - 3.0kw heater

SKU: aeware0610-221006

Replacement Aeware spa pack only (no touchpad) - Aeware's newest controller built on the same platform as the in.xe series controllers, however this model uses the industry popular AMP plug style co...

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Aeware in.yj-2 Spa Control Pack

SKU: aeware0612-221033-312

Aeware in.yj-2 spa control box - spare part Suits 2 outputs such as: 1 x 2 speed pump 1 x 1 speed pump plus blower 2 x 1 speed pumps 1 x 1 speed pump, blower and low flow 24hr circ pump **Cannot be used with...

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Gecko Aeware Spa Monitor & Weather Station

SKU: aeware0699-607001

Aeware - in-house spa system monitoring and weather station (temperature only). Not only does it display indoor, outdoor and spa water temperatures, but it also keeps on eye on spa condition repor...

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