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Gecko Aeware in.touch2 wifi RF modules

REMOTE ACCESS WITH Android, iPHONE, iPOD, iPAD via wi-fi for full spa control from anywhere - MORE functions than any touchpad!

Can only be used with Gecko Aeware spa packs configured with software version:
043 or greater in.xe spa packs,
186 or greater in.xm2
All in.y series packs

If you have an in.xe spa pack or in.xm2 spa pack with an alternate software version / your spa pack is pre-2014 approx, the pack can be sent to us for software update to enable use with this module.
(in.xm series 1 spa packs prior to approx 2012 not supported - in.xm2 packs have a sticker stating 'in.touch ready' despite a part number starting with in.xm1)

Home Transmitter - plugs into an available USB port (for power) & network port on home router/modem*
Spa Transmitter - plugs into Gecko Aeware spa pack

The in.touch2 app allows complete control of all spa functions from your device.
You can start/stop pumps, blower and light, adjust set temperature, change filter and economy cycles, set water care and maintenance reminders, and be advised of any errors.
You can log in from anywhere and decrease the set water temp if you forgot to do so before heading on a weeks holiday, or inform a neighbour to check on the spa if an error appears.
Turn the temperature up whilst at work so it's ready for use as soon as you get home.
Control the spa lighting effects remotely from inside the house. Extend the functionality of your spa (if you have in.k200 or in.k35 touchpad) to exceed the functionality of the in.k450 and in.k600 touchpad - time of day clock and filtration frequency, economy cycle and smart programming for different set temperatures on different days - ie set at a lower temp during the week to save power and automatically turn up to operating temp on the weekend or days of expected use. (this function is exclusive to the in.touch app.)
Also perfect for commercial installations to allow remote monitoring and adjustments to spa settings. Perfect for monitoring spa settings in hotels, resorts, motels and communal residential complexes.
Particularly useful to remotely control temperature settings from a remote location for weekend rental accomodation.

*For the in.touch / iPhone setup to work, the spa must be within range of the 'i' or Android device, or home wifi network. If signal strength is poor an economical wifi 'range extender' could be purchased to ensure reliable performance. The range extender must have network socket.

The in.touch2 system offers a far more powerful and reliable connection to your home wifi network, however you must have an available network cable connection on your modem for the unit to work.
It cannot be connected to a modem without a network connection.
It cannot connect to a portable 4G modem unless connected to a dock with network sockets.

*If you have a modem without network sockets or use a 4G portable modem, the in.touch (version 1) can still be used.

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