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Spa drain fittings and drain valves

Edgetec Micro spa Drain - Grey

SKU: e2920-gr

Edgetec spa drain fitting. 42mm diameter cover, 27mm hole required. 3/4" / 19mm barbed fitting....

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Edgetec Micro spa Drain - Stainless Steel

SKU: e2920-ss

Edgetec Micro spa drain - grey with 316 stainless steel outer ring 27mm hole required, 44mm cover diameter, 19mm/3/4" barbed...

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G&G Industries Balboa Spa Drain Cover / Fitting - Grey

SKU: gg41975-cg

G&G Industries (Balboa) spa drain cover / fitting - grey 3/4" barbed. On order - available soon...

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G&G Industries Balboa Spa Drain valve - Black

SKU: gg41927-bk

G&G Industries (Balboa) spa drain valve. 55mm diameter Suits 33mm diameter hole through cabinet or niche.Locating pin to prevent rotation. Includes cap 3/4" barb connection. Suits up to 30mm thick cabinet....

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G&G Industries Spa Drain valve Niche - Black

SKU: gg4924-bk

G&G Industries Niche to suit spa drain valve. 110mm diameter Suits 89mm diameter hole through cabinet. Inner diameter 72mm Centre hole for valve - 33mm diameter with locating pin hole to suit G&G spa drain...

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Rising Dragon Drain Assembly - Black with Stainless Steel - Star Face

SKU: rd641-1021s

Rising Dragon Star Face drain assembly - 3/4" barbed....

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Tap Connector 3/4" NPT USA Thread Quick Connector

SKU: e4927-50

3/4" NPT thread (USA thread not compatable with tap threads in Australia - standard tap connectors will not thread onto the valve) tap connector - screw onto male thread of drain/fill valve for quick connect...

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Waterway 1" S Drain/Fill Valve

SKU: ww640-2001

Spa cabinet mount Black Drain/Fill valve assembly - suits 1" pipe or barb adaptor 80mm diameter face, suits 41mm hole diameter in spa cabinet...

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Waterway 3/4" NPT threaded drain valve cap & gasket

SKU: ww519-0231806-0100

Waterway 3/4" USA NPT threaded drain valve cap - suits all USA made drains from various brands which use the same special thread....

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Waterway 3/4" S Drain/Fill Hose Connector

SKU: ww600-9101

Spa cabinet mount Black Drain valve assembly - suits 3/4" pipe or barb adaptor To operate (see pics), pull the inner cap handle outwards and unscrew. Thread hose adaptor onto the smaller thread and connect ...

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Waterway Drain/Fill Valve 3/4" barb

SKU: ww400-2100

Waterway Drain/Fill valve assembly with 3/4" barb - suits 3/4"clear vinyl tubing USA thread - requires special quick connect adaptor if connecting to a garden hose. For fast draining the centre green secti...


Waterway Drain/Fill Valve 3/4" socket

SKU: ww400-2070

Waterway Drain/Fill valve assembly - suits 3/4"/20mm pipe or can have a 3/4" barb adaptor glued in to suit clear tubing. USA thread - requires special quick connect adaptor if connecting to a garden hose. ...

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Waterway Lo-Pro Spa Floor Drain - Grey

SKU: ww640-4347

Waterway Lo-Pro drain fitting - 3/4" socket - side entry - low profile design Cannot be used as a suction fitting for pumps...



Waterway Low Profile Spa Drain Assembly 3/4" S x 1" Spg

SKU: ww640-0407

Add a drain fitting to your spa for maximum drainage 3/4" socket, 1" spigot hose/pipe connections Install in spa floor or footwell wall Drill hole size - 32mm...

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