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Aquaflo Circ-master high flow spa circulation pumps 


Aquaflo CMHP Circ Master HP Circulation Pump 1/15th HP - 138w

SKU: af02410004-2510

Aquaflo / Gecko Circ-Master HP circulation pump CMHP Over 100 lpm Economical high flow circulation pump: 138w 1/15th hp, 220-240v, 50Hz, 0.62A, 1425 rpm PLUG & LEAD TYPE - See here to Identify the type req...

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Aquaflo CMXP Circ Master 2" Circulation Pump 1/12th HP - 161w with AMP Balboa style plug - LARGER WET END SD6500-911

SKU: af06334000-2040

Aquaflo CMXP Circ-Master 4 pole high flow circulation pump With large 2" XP2 wet end for superior flow rates whilst still running at lower power SD6500-911 Sundance Spas and jacuzzi Hot Tub high flow circ...


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Xylem (ITT Laing Thermotech) E-14 High Flow Circulation Pump 1.5" - 115w - NO unions

SKU: xylem6080u0014

SUPER ECONOMICAL SPA CIRCULATION PUMP - ONLY 115W ! - The most economical mid flow circulation pump in the spa industry. Unions NOT included For replacement of existing E-14 pump, unions are not required. ...

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